We would always lose our pearls! Our earrings went missing time and time again. They were most likely being swept-up an empty dance floor after dancing the night away, or hiding strategically in the cashmere of our sweaters. Since we couldn’t justify replacing expensive jewelry on a regular basis, and weren’t interested in having blackened earlobes caused by fake metal (adieu classiness, right?), we decided to change things. It was time to create quality pearl earrings, with innovative and secure backings. 


We jumped headfirst into the world of jewelry and quickly learned that big jewelry companies monopolize the industry. They keep prices artificially high while reaping enormous profit margins. No wonder most people have the ill-conceived notion that pearls are outrageously expensive! Unlike the diamond and precious stone industry, the pearl industry is unregulated. Essentially, individual companies set their own standards. Received in bulk shipments, pearls of various quality levels (A to AAA, in pearl jargon) are sold at similar price points. No quality control is applied and no one seems to notice! Not only are pearls unjustly expensive, they are very often highly flawed!


We hand-select every single VËLDOFF pearl, as we don’t support the practice of using unregulated bulk shipments. We assemble each piece of jewelry in house on specialized mountings, crafted specifically for us. We have travelled to France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Indonesia, New York and Hong Kong to find leading industry experts, suppliers and goldsmiths - cutting out the middle men. The bottom line? Our boutique pearl brand is the answer millions of women have been waiting for. We believe that ALL women should own top-of-the-line and fairly-priced pearls that simply won’t fall off. You should be able to sport classy, versatile pearl jewelry, from your yoga mat to brunch, and cliff jumping in between.

VËLDOFF Pearl Selectionist. GIA Pearl Certified.